Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fire Gil, Not Guns


Aren't you glad that we now have a blogspot page so that we can neglect this AS WELL as our myspace page? Oh!--lucky hypothetical reader, there are SO many places for you to look that we haven't looked at in a while. TEE HEE.

But, more importantly: hold your tongue and try to say 'important.' Then hold your sides, because you're about to CRACK UP.

On December 20th, in SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, we will be opening up for AGAINST ME! at the Works Gallery downtown. Get ready. You're about to GO NUTS. If you are currently slobbering all over yourself and banging your head against a fire hydrant DON'T WORRY: that's a perfectly reasonable reaction. However, if you keep slobbering for a few days and you don't even feel any different at all...maybe you should call me. I have a lot of video games we can play.