Friday, September 18, 2009

In Living Color

So, here we go...BLOG!

This stupid site will include Hard Girls news, and pictures, as well as completely unrelated posts. We'll also have it set up so you can buy CDs and t-shirts and junk, if you give a hoot.

We go on tour in 1 month. We need lots of things and lots of money. Our 7 song EP will be out on Quote Unquote in a week or two, and it is going to be savage.

And now, for your pleasure, Morgan's burgeoning neckbeard in preparation of The Fest:

The one difference between Morgan and the rest of you neckbeard wanna-bes is that he physically CANNOT grow hair on his chin. Smooth as a baby's bottom. His facial hair-growth pattern was artfully crafted by his defective genetic line. So, despite his slight contamination to the human race, he is naturally much less of an asshole than you.

Also, it's my bro's birthday today:

Click the above picture and you'll soon be saying, "Fuck Capitalism!" before you can say, "Communism"... What?
Happy birthday!


P.S. Come to this tonight:

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